Wednesday, September 23, 2009

High Performing Teams

Improving Team Execution:
A brief statement of objectives and goals (the big rocks) and a prioritized list of tasks and activities (little rocks) are useful in tools in maintaining focus. Prepare one set for yourself and jointly prepare another with the team. Have each team member prepare a prioritized list of tasks for themselves.
Review the planned list of tasks and activities comparing them to the tasks and activities you actually are performing or have performed. Adjust your work to address the high priority tasks and activities as required.

Review the list and objectives on a regular basis (appropriate to the nature of the work). Adjust goals and objectives based on changes outside the team or by accomplishing goals or objectives (seek higher of additional goals or objectives).

I would add one more aid, repetition. Skills are developed by repeating an activity until the desired skill level is achieved. For example, improving your short game in golf is achieved through actually performing the task until it is a repeatable and sustainable skill within quality limits. This also applies to work and the development of craftsmanship.

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